16 January 2011

Teen Movies based on Books that I Can't Get Enough Of

Two things that I really love are books and movies. ( I love music too, but that may be another blog post.) I wanted to make a list of teen movies I love to watch that also came from books. Sometimes, the book to movie transition is obvious, but sometimes, it's a little more discrete.

One of my absolute favorites is Ten Things I Hate about You  staring Julia Stiles and the late Heath  Ledger. Did you know that Ten Things I Hate about You is based on a play by William Shakespeare called The Taming of the Shrew? Although Taming of the Shrew is NOT my favorite Shakespeare play, I do enjoy the Merchant of Venice. . .

Clueless based loosely on Jane Austin's Emma. While it has been an EXTREMELY long time since I've read even a part of Emma, I do still have Clueless on DVD.

Another great book to movie adaptation is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. Now I much prefer the movie version that came out just a few years ago. Anything with Alan Rickman either on screen or as a voice over is automatically wonderful for me. Both the book and movie make me laugh like crazy.

My current favorite movie adaptation is The Twilight Sage: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. I love this saga and Eclipse has always been my favorite book in the saga because that is when Bella finally makes her decision between Edward and Jacob or as I like to refer to them sometimes, air conditioning and a space heater. (LOL)

These will probably be the first books to movies I read/watch for the really cool Page to screen challenge. Happy reading and viewing!

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