22 January 2011

Bloggiesta. . . this is actually really fun. (Button!)

So I am so grateful to Elisabeth Marie at YS Princess for reminding me that Bloggiesta was coming up. I have been having a lot of fun learning really cool blog things that I can share with you. As you may have noticed Amber's Teen Reads is in the process of a makeover and today I learned how to make my very own button! I've been wanting to learn how to make one for some time now, but never really tried to look up the information until today. Callista at SMS Book Reviews has a really cool tutorial on Banners and Buttons that I was way too excited to try. While I will admit, I had some difficulty with her tutorial, I was able to find another one that worked really well for me. The tutorial that worked the best for me was actually from Okiology101. I never would have found Okiology had I not started out at SMS. So, thanks Callista.

If you take a look to the left of this post, you should see my really cool new button and if you look up by the url, you should see my brand new favicon!

This Bloggiesta has been AMAZING. Who knows what I'll have done by the end of the weekend.

Love and Happy Reading,


LM Preston said...

Oh, thanks for sharing this blog event. I'm trying to join in more of the blog parties :-D

Natasha @ Maw Books said...

Glad that you have thought it's been amazing so far! Means a lot to me.

Debbie's World of Books said...

Great job! I should try creating one too.

Jan von Harz said...

Your button is lovely. Congrats
on completing the challenge and doing such a fantastic job!

Callista said...

Thanks for trying my mini-challenge. I do realize my tutorial wasn't all that helpful if you want something more than basic but it took me 2 hours to put that post together and I was too tired to look up more resources. Glad you found some help though. The commenters on my post have great ideas too.

Your fav icon looks great, you get the idea of it for sure. Your blog button looks great although the pink is hard to read. Thanks again and good luck!

Kristin said...

New follower and fellow Bloggiestaer! Stop by and say hi if you get a chance!


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