23 February 2010

Exposed by Susan Vaught

Exposed by Susan Vaught is a haunting Cautionary tale about the dangers of the internet. At first glance, Chan Shealy seems like a typical high school girl. She's a member of her school's twirling team,  she's a straight A student and she's got a great friend in Devin. However, Chan also got an STD from her ex-boyfriend, Adam P.

Once news about her Herpes spreads around school, boys won't come near her. Chan starts to feel that her life is falling apart and she'll never have another boyfriend. That all changes when she meets Paul online. To Chan, things start falling back into place. She gets into shape for Regionals with a set of weights that Paul sends her, and even poses for topless photos for him. Chan gives Paul details that end up putting her and her little sister in serious jeopardy.


Ok, I love Susan Vaught and her novels. This one included. I think Susan Vaught did a decent job delving into the mind of a girl being lured into an online trap. While Chan isn't always believable, I did have some gut wrenching emotions flowing through me as Chan started piecing information together and realizing what her baby sister was getting into.
Also, I learned a few things about the net I didn't know about (things which I will NOT be discussing here.) While I did enjoy this novel, it wasn't as good as Susan Vaught's Big Fat Manifesto. I will however, eagerly await her next novel.


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