Review Policy

Most of the reviews on this blog will be from books I have personally come across throughout my journey on this planet. I will accept books sent to me from Authors, publishers and people who work in the YA book industry. Also I will accept recommendations from other readers.

The amount of books in my growing To-Be-Read pile may cause reviews to take awhile but I will do my best to read each suggestion in a timely manner.

For the purpose of this Blog, I will accept:
Young Adult Fiction
Middle Grade Fiction
Middle Grade/ YA Biographies

My favorite genres tend to be Realistic Fiction and Fantasy. Paranormal is not my favorite, but if the blurb catches my attention, I will read it.

I will not accept:
Picture Books
Adult Fiction
Graphic Novels

One thing I pride myself on with this blog is my dedication to honesty. My integrity is important to me offline and online. With that said, while I will approach every book with an open mind, I can not in good conscious guarantee a good review to every book I read. I owe it to myself and my followers that I will be honest. I reserve the right and ability to put down a book I'm not drawn to. I also reserve the right to decline a request when my TBR pile is too large or if a book doesn't fit me.

If you are an author, publisher, editor, etc. and you are still interested in me reviewing a book for you, please email me at and I'll be happy to talk with you.

Love and Happy Reading,


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