06 March 2015

Review: Now Matter the Wreckage Poems by Sarah Kay

"In her powerful debut collection of poetry, Sarah Kay, navigates a decade's worth of writing to present us with a book that combines new poems and beloved favorites. Both fresh and wise, Sarah Kay's poetry invites us to join her on the journey of discovering herself and the world around her." (back cover of book)

My faithful readers already know I'm not a big fan of books written in poetry form. However, I LOVED Sarah Kay's book. My favorite poem in the book is called B, a poem about advice she would give her daughter if she ever has one. While Sarah Kay's words are powerful on the page, they are even better when you hear her perform them. (Trust me, check her out on Youtube.)

What makes Sarah Kay even cooler is that she and a friend named Phil Kaye teamed up to create Project Voice to help teach others the joy of Spoken Word poetry. (For more information about Project Voice, click here and for more information about Sarah, click here.)

I absolutely love Sarah Kay's poetry and I think you will also.


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