10 October 2015

Life changes and so do we. . .

Hello readers,
It's been some time since I last posted anything to this blog. I'm not apologizing, just taking ownership. (I realize I'm not always consistent in blogging.) I am not making excuses, but I want to let you know why I've been away for the past few months.

Almost 4 months, my life changed completely. The most important person in my life passed away in the early hours of June 18th. My daddy was gone. Life has been chaotic since Daddy passed away. There are times when I feel my world is crumbling and I can't stop it. Then there are times when I am filled with peace knowing my Dad lived a Christian Life. My Dad was a Christian and he is where he has always wanted to be.

Losing Dad has been a shock and there are days when I really don't want to do anything. This is why I haven't posted much since March. I planned to be more active and failed. I'm working on somethings now and hopefully I'll be back soon.


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