08 March 2015

International Woman's Day

Today is International Woman's Day. Even though women have come so far compared to where we were just decades ago, there is still so far to go. More than ever, women are in roles of leadership around the world, but we can't seem to get something together. . . one thing women have a hardship with these days, we keep badmouthing each other.Instead of building one another up, we slut shame, we put each other down and we let others do the same to us.

For International Woman's Day, Youtube has brought together some of the most amazing women vloggers, like Hannah Hart, Superwomanvlogs (Lillie), Felicia Day, Lindsey Stirling and Trisha Hersberger (from Sourcefed) to give advice to their younger-selves. Advice that these amazing women wish they had known in middle and high school. I encourage you to check out these amazing and special videos. These videos are incredibly real and great for everyone. Here is a link to #dearme.


Dear Amber,
My dear, sweet younger Amber. I know right now, high school sucks. I know how difficult a time you are having trying to fit in with everyone else, to be who they want you to be. Amber, you are amazing. My advice to you, is find out who your real friends are and never let them go. Realize that those people who make fun of you for your weight, your clothing, your personality. Hun, you are just a different person. You've always marched to the beat of your own drummer, embrace it. In the words of Shrek the Musical, "Let your freak flag fly!" Who cares if your are a musical theater junkie who may be a little overweight? All of the things you are afraid to let show, the things other people make fun of you for are things that make you unique. Stand firm in your faith and love with all your heart, trust me, you are going to be just fine. I promise, the moments when you think things would be better off if you weren't around will start to vanish and don't be mad at the person who brings your issues to the attention of others. She's just doing what needs to be done to help you most.

I love you, younger Amber. Learn to love yourself, it will be AMAZING.
1999 Junior Year, 17 years old

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