21 December 2010

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Going Bovine by Libba Bray is about a teenage boy who contracts Mad Cow Disease.  Cameron's family consists of his mom, work-a-holic father (who's more than likely having an affair with his TA) and his popular twin sister, Jenna. The family basically lives seperate lives until Cameron gets the diagnosis that he is going to die.

Cameron begins the book talking about how he almost Died on the It's a Small World ride at Disney World. He talks about how he and his twin sister Jenna were 5 and how he really wanted to live in the ride. Then he talks about the ambulance with mouse ears that took him to the hospital and how the family then had free tickets and front places in lines the next day. For the first chapter, I thought Cameron was adorable. Then his mouth starts in chapter 2 and he became a little harder to like.

I will admit I have been hesitant to read Going Bovine. I know it came out in 2009, but I just couldn't get in to the premis of the book. So, after buying a paperback copy of the book (mostly because I was tired of waiting for my local library's copy to come back) I borrowed the audiobook from the library and started to read/listen to the book. I actually enjoyed the first part of the book, but when Cameron started possibly hallucinating about Dulcie and hanging out with a video-gaming dwarf with Mommy issues, I got bored and quiet frankly, couldn't continue reading. I found the first part to be well written and fun, but the second part just bored me. . .

Maybe one day I will pick Going Bovine back up and try reading it again, but as for right now, It's a no.
However, Libba Bray has an amazing website. http://www.libbabray.com/

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Elisabeth Marie said...

You should still try the Gemma Doyle trilogy. And your libba bray link currently goes to wwww.libbabray.com...


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