09 September 2008

Target by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson

Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson is a genius with this short novel.
Grady is your typical highschool junior. Crushing on a girl in his group of friends, hanging out and just being a guy. Then one night his life is completly changed when two men attack him.
Grady's life falls apart. He stops talking, going to school and eating. His parents are nervous and don't know what to do and his friends are pushed away.
The next school year arrives, and Grady starts going to a new school across town to avoid the people who knew him "before". Grady tries to keep his secret but one nosy high school reporter is determined to make his life more miserable by finding out his secret.
I absolutley love this book. It takes a subject matter that we don't always associate with boys and shows that tragic events affect them just as they do girls.

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