01 June 2013

Fat Angie by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo

Angie, known by people at school as Fat Angie, whale, girl who tried to off herself and all sorts of other insults. Her mother is sleeping with her adopted brother's therapist and mentally abusive to Angie, saying things like "No one is ever going to love you if you stay fat." and other horrible things about Angie's weight. Her adopted brother Wang is bordering on the criminal side of life, her father is recovering from a stroke with a whole new family and her sister. . . well her sister is a missing Air Forces soldier in Iraq. A soldier whom the Iraqi's have had on their news blindfolded and tortured. A solider who people are assuming is dead. Everyone but Angie. And that is where Angie's downward spiral to attempted suicide begins.

Bullied by the kids at school, Angie feels all alone until KC Romance moves to town and Jake, her neighbor across the street, who used to play basketball with Angie's sister, start talking to her and sticking up for her.

I should have known when I was 6 pages in and on the verge of crying that this would be an amazing book. During the book, I really wanted to hit Angie's mother several times to get her to look and see what she was doing to Angie and even to Wang. I wanted to know about Angie's sister and hoped she'd return. I wanted Wang to start sticking up for his little sister and I wanted adults to start caring.

This book was amazing and probably the first book that I've read cover to cover in a day for a very long time. This book is definitely one I will recommend to others and I may have to buy a copy for my personal library.

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Unknown said...

Seriously, thank you for sharing your thoughts on your blog. FAT ANGIE doesn't always hit people in the heart, and I'm elated it did with you.


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